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Radio Free Genome Information

The Radio Free Genome Project

Welcome to radio free genome. Radio Free Genome is a project in experimental music, unearthing the hidden music locked up in DNA sequences. The data collected as part of the human genome project is not only a remarkable repository of scientific data, but also a fascinating source of artistic inspiration and materials. These pages will provide a brief overview of the kind of data that is in the genome project will be presented, as well as how the complex layers of information encoded in DNA sequences can be used to "auralize" biologically-meaningful forms in new and interesting ways. Somewhere between a scientific technique and Musique concrète is a new fascinating realm to explore.

All the software on this site is open source and freely available, and the music that I present here is Creative Commons licenses (Attribution Share and Share Alike- see for details)

Here I will share my own small explorations in the artistic exploration of DNA sequence data as an artistic medium. It will be irregularly updated, but should contain something of interest for the intrepid musician or visual artist.



For a broad overview, take a look at the presentation from the March 28 dorkbot-dc meeting. It provides a broad overview of the concepts, and links, etc for where to find all the tools you need to do go farther than I did! The tab on the left entitled "Tools" will take you here where you can download the software and documentation.


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