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Welcome to Radio Free Genome!

Some information about the site...


Art and science can intersect in surprising and interesting ways, and this site is intended to provide a place to explore and showcase the fun and cool things that lie at that intersection. Mostly, it is a place for us to share some of what we are doing and find interesting- hopefully you will find something neat here, too! We will continue to add projects and other things to this web page as time goes by, and provide a central link to many of the other activities we are involved in across the internet.  Radio Free Genome is a collective, hosted by GroupEP (explore your emergent potential!) here at


What can you find here?

There are several projects, activities and works of art (well, kind of...) on the site, all of which are documented in a greater or lesser amount of detail.  They range from electronics and robotics through science and biology, to software and mathematics.  We are strong advocates of the Creative Commons licensing paradigm, so you will see references to CC license types on all of our work.  Almost everything on the site is available under a "share and share alike" CC license, so most of this stuff is probably something that you can use! (Foor more information on CC licenses, see this link.) While you are here, be sure and visit the galleries, where we will continue to post some interesting and fun artwork for you to look at.  Hopefully you will find something fun and interesting, but everything here is just the result of doodles and hacking around for our own enjoyment!


Where did the name come from?

The name Radio Free Genome refers to the idea that the sequence of our genome could be considered a message in an alien language, fought with hidden meaning, and layered in yet undiscovered syntax and semiotics. We find the concept that hidden artistic meaning can be both scientifically interesting and also surprisingly beautiful  fascinating and moving.  We hope that we can share some of that wonder (and the fun, too!) with a wider audience through this website.  Welcome along!

Who is behind Radio Free Genome?

We are scientists, engineers (well, genetic engineers, anyways,) historians as well as artists.  For details, see the About Us section.





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